GDD Organic Instant Rolled Oat (Jumbo)

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Ingredient Organic Instant Rolled Oat (Jumbo)( Cereals containing gluten)
Directions Add 4-6 spoonfuls of Organic Instant Rolled Oats (Jumbo) into 200ml hot water, stir well to serve Can serve with dried fruits, seeds and nuts Stir occasionally. Can add organic cane sugar or Dai Pai Dong Coconut Cream to taste
Storage Keep away from high temperature and humid conditions. Once opened, please keep refrigerated and keep away from high temperature and humid conditions. Please consume as soon as possible after opening.
Weight(Unit) 500g
EAN Barcode 4891444305853
Brand Green dot dot
Origin Finland
Organic/Natural Organic
Organic Certified


1. No added sugar and salt.

2. Retain large fibers, with a taste.

3. Rich in water-soluble dietary fiber and non-water-soluble dietary fiber, helps to maintain heart and intestinal health

4. Water-soluble dietary fiber helps to clear cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar

5. Non-water-soluble dietary fiber to help intestinal peristalsis, and promote intestinal waste will be excreted, relieve constipation

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